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Alan Thomas

Melbourne, Australia



I'm a sessional tutor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, where I deliver weekly workshops to a diverse range of engineering, IT, maths and science students taking the subjects Engineering Computation and Database Systems.


The Wikimedia Foundation hosts a range of collaboratively-edited, freely-licensed wiki projects, such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary. Many Foundation staff also contribute to the open-source wiki software MediaWiki. Using the username This, that and the other, or TTO for short, I've become part of the vibrant volunteer community that has sprung up around these projects.

This site contains resources related to the media transfer tool For the Common Good.


For some time I've been undertaking geospatial software development work for ThinkSpatial, including:

Anyone who is working with DXF data might find these notes useful:


I hold a Bachelor of Science majoring in geomatics and a Diploma in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Melbourne, and I'm continuing my studies at graduate level.


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On rare occasions, I can be found on Freenode IRC with the nick tto.