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Language files for For the Common Good

For the Common Good is fully localizable - its user interface can be translated into any language. (See this page for more information about language files.)

How to use language files

To use the translation, simply unzip the file (it must be named "ForTheCommonGood.lang") into the same folder as FtCG.

List of contributed language files

A big thanks to those who have contributed language files for their language.

Translating FtCG into your language

To begin with, copy the latest English version to a plain text file named "ForTheCommonGood.lang" and translate it into your language. When you are finished, or if you require assistance, please e-mail me (with your ForTheCommonGood.lang file attached).

To keep your translation up to date, please keep an eye on the localization history page. If people are interested, I could set up a translators' mailing list.